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How much is a 12kg gas cylinder in Nigeria?

12kg gas cylinder in Nigeria

Do you want to know the cost of refilling a 12kg gas cylinder in Nigeria? “How much is a 12kg gas cylinder in Nigeria”? 

The average price of refilling a 12kg cylinder in Nigeria is NGN 8,900 only, below are a list of prices for other cylinders.

We have prepared this write-up to provide an updated list of prices for various gas cylinder sizes in Nigeria.

The costs of natural gas can vary significantly depending on your location in the country. While some regions have relatively low prices, others can be significantly higher. Here are some average costs for areas within Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the major gas-producing nations around the world, with enormous natural gas deposits.

Natural gas burns clean and is gradually becoming the major fuel choice for power and energy generation worldwide.

Here is a list of the gas cylinder volumes and their refill prices. These are updated prices as of may 2022.

Cylinder (kg)Current Price

Nigeria is one of the Nations in the world with large natural gas deposits, In Nigeria, Natural Gas is being used as feedstock for many industrial processes, such as the production of fertilizers, petrochemicals and other gas-based industries.

Learn more about the History of Natural Gas in Nigeria 

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