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Microsoft Proposes Paid Subscription for Teams to Resolve EU Antitrust Issues

Microsoft has reportedly proposed a solution to address possible EU antitrust violations by offering different prices for its Office product with or without the Teams app. According to sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft has been working to address the concerns of the EU competition enforcer since last year after a complaint by Salesforce-owned workspace messaging app Slack.

In 2020, Slack alleged that Microsoft had unfairly integrated Teams into its Office product, and the EU has since received several other complaints regarding Microsoft’s conduct in relation to its Teams product.

Microsoft introduced Teams in 2017 to compete in the rapidly growing and lucrative workplace collaboration market, but its integration with Office has drawn scrutiny from regulators. Microsoft has stated that it continues to engage with the European Commission and is open to pragmatic solutions that address the concerns of regulators while serving its customers well.

The EU antitrust watchdog is currently seeking feedback from Microsoft’s rivals on the proposed solution. This move comes after the European Commission previously fined Microsoft 2.2 billion euros ($2.4 billion) for practices that violated EU competition rules, including tying or bundling multiple products together.

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As Microsoft seeks to address potential antitrust concerns, the company’s willingness to offer a separate pricing option for Office with and without Teams could be a step towards avoiding another hefty fine from the European Commission. While this proposal is currently under review, it remains to be seen whether it will satisfy regulators’ concerns regarding competition in the workplace collaboration market.

As companies continue to adapt to remote work environments, workplace collaboration tools such as Teams and Slack have become increasingly popular. However, concerns regarding antitrust violations and unfair competition practices have arisen as major tech players seek to dominate this lucrative market. As such, it is essential for companies to be mindful of potential regulatory risks and work proactively to address any concerns raised by regulators.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s proposal to offer different pricing options for its Office product in response to EU antitrust concerns is a step towards resolving potential regulatory issues. While it remains to be seen whether this proposal will be accepted by regulators, it is essential for companies to be proactive in addressing potential antitrust violations and working to ensure fair competition in the market. By doing so, companies can avoid hefty fines and build trust with customers and regulators alike.

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