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Mitsubishi Corp and Magellan X ink MOU following successful trial completion

Mitsubishi Corporation and Magellan X

Magellan X, a leading company specializing in ESG technology solutions for heavy industries, has announced the successful completion of a trial of its SOL-X safety solution with MC Shipping Ltd., a global shipping company and subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation. The completion of this trial has led to a Memorandum of Understanding between Magellan X and Mitsubishi Corporation, which will allow for the promotion of SOL-X in the Japanese maritime market and the development of new business models to scale the solution.

The partnership between Magellan X and Mitsubishi Corporation will focus on the digitalization of the maritime industry, improvement of safety and compliance standards on vessels, and the wellbeing of seafarers. Mitsubishi Corporation, leveraging its extensive industry network, will co-market SOL-X and support its growth in the market. The ultimate goal is to establish an ecosystem of partners across the industrial value chain who can benefit from deploying this safety solution in their operations.

Takafumi Oka, General Manager of Mitsubishi Corporation Ship Department, expressed excitement about the partnership, saying, “MC Shipping’s decision to utilize the SOL-X solution reflects our long-standing commitment to taking the initiative in enhancing safety of vessel operations and taking good care of our seafarers. We believe this is one of the most powerful solutions that can enable the digital transformation of the maritime industry. We look forward to a strong partnership with Magellan X to enhance and promote the value of the SOL-X solution.”

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In addition to the maritime sector, Magellan X and Mitsubishi Corporation will explore opportunities in other heavy industries such as oil and gas, chemical and mining. Basheer Cassim, Group Chief Executive Officer of Magellan X, believes that SOL-X’s innovative safety and compliance technologies can be applied to other industries to help reduce incident risks and improve overall productivity for industrial workers. Cassim says, “By leveraging SOL-X’s innovative safety and compliance technologies, we can help reduce incident risks and improve overall productivity for industrial workers. This will lead to operational savings, generate business competitiveness for operators and help them make informed decisions regarding workplace safety.”

Magellan X specializes in developing Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) technologies for heavy industries, including oil and gas, mining, chemicals, and maritime sectors. Backed by MISC and BCG Digital Ventures, Magellan X’s technology solutions address customers’ varying ESG needs and better position them to meet their sustainability goals through IIoT solutions that accurately capture real-time data flows and produce analytics using artificial intelligence. The suite of purpose-built solutions includes ecoMax (Emission Optimization), SOL-X (Worker Safety), and Propeller (Inventory Optimization).

The partnership between Magellan X and Mitsubishi Corporation will pave the way for the development of new and innovative technologies for various heavy industries. As companies continue to prioritize sustainability and ESG goals, solutions such as SOL-X will become increasingly important in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of workers while also improving operational efficiencies. With the combined expertise of Magellan X and Mitsubishi Corporation, the future looks bright for the development of cutting-edge ESG technology solutions.

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