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AGO: meaning in oil and gas(explained)

AGO: meaning in oil and gas

In the oil and gas industry AGO has two major meanings, “Automotive Gas Oil” and “Allied Gas Operation” 

AGO: meaning in oil and gas

Here are a few lines explaining AGO in the oil and gas industry.

AGO as Automotive Gas Oil

This fuel is also known as diesel, usually obtained in the mid-boiling range of the distillation process of crude oil, and utilized by trucks, buses, vans, and cars.

Automotive Gas Oil is also used to power other heavy engines used for industrial purposes. 

AGO as Allied Gas Operation

The acronym AGO may also stand for “Allied Gas Operation.” The AGO is a consortium of companies that was formed in the early 1990s to develop gas resources offshore Louisiana. 

The consortium today includes BP, Chevron Corporation, ExxonMobil Corporation, and Royal Dutch Shell plc.

 These companies are responsible for the development of five deepwater wells located off the coast of Louisiana that have produced more than 300 million cubic feet of gas per day since development began in 1996

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